Eaglesham Youth

Eaglesham Parish Church has many existing youth groups for teenagers taking place in the church halls:


Sunday – EPYC: 7pm to 8pm in the Carswell Hall

Monday – Guides: 7.45pm to 9.30pm in the Carswell Hall

Wednesday – School lunch club: 12.20pm to 1pm in the Maxwell Mearns Castle Parish Church basement

Friday – Boys Brigade Company Section: 7pm to 10pm in the Laird Hall

Saturday – Junior Badminton: 9am to 12noon in the Laird Hall


This is Eaglesham Church’s Sunday evening youth group, which is for anyone in P7 to S6. We aim to provide a space for young people to socialise with each other and to engage in discussion, focusing on various issues. We encourage young people to openly discuss their thoughts and feelings on a different topic each week and to discuss their views on what the Bible says about each topic. We use games, questions and challenges to help young people engage with the topics and we always ensure that there is time for all of us to have a drink and chat about anything before we finish 


The Guides are a part of the Scout movement and focus on many similar aims to the Scouts, and the Boy’s Brigade. They encourage the girls to select skills that they wish to develop and help them to celebrate their achievements. They provide various opportunities to help girls develop into skilled and resourceful young women and help them to develop a respect for other people and other countries.

The Lunch Club:

This club started as a partnership between Maxwell Mearns Castle Church and Mearns Castle High School to provide a space that the young people can use to play games and socialise. The past couple of years Eaglesham Church has been invited into the chaplaincy team and as a result has help provide this space for the young people.

The Basement provides a pool table, table football, various games consoles, comfy sofas and a tuck shop. Any young person that attends Mearns Castle High School is welcome to come along during their Wednesday lunch break and make use of these facilities available to them.

Boy’s Brigade:

The BB’s purpose is to encourage young people to develop every aspect of their lives. Throughout the year they focus on physical fitness, various skills and knowledge, recognising achievements and developing spiritually. The Company focuses greatly on helping boys develop into skilled young men and provides various opportunities each year, including their 10 day camp on Arran. They also place great importance on helping young people develop spiritually, within the Christian faith, and use this as a firm reason to support EPYC every week.

Junior Badminton:

This club runs from the first Saturday in September to the last Saturday in March. There are two groups taking place during this club, separated by age; young people in P4 to P7 at 9am-10am, S1-S6 at 10am-12noon. The club intends to allow young people to enjoy playing some games with friends and to help them develop their fitness and badminton skills.

Other youth groups and children’s work takes place within the village.

For more information on any of the youth groups mentioned above please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Eaglesham Parish Church Youth Worker