Kirk Carers

The Kirk Carers offer a transport service taking members of the community to hospital or doctors’ appointments where public transport is not available or not suitable.
Kirk Carers have a number of drivers who support this service and if you would like to volunteer your services you should contact Fay Lyons via the Church Office.
Please note that our volunteer drivers are unable to offer this service to members of the community who require manual assistance when attending appointments.   
Another part of Kirk Carers is our voluntary visiting - There are a number of people who are willing to visit, on a reasonably regular basis, people who are housebound. At present we have not had many requests from people in the parish for such visits - we need some names please. Contact Olive Reid via the Church Office
IF YOU KNOW ANYONE ILL at home or in hospital would you please let your elder know? It is important that such people know that we are thinking and praying for them and if required for someone to visit them.