Sunday Coffee Rota

Coffee Duty Rota


November 2016

6th        Margaret Alexander                   Marlies McLean

13th      Susan Napier                            Anne MacKenzie

20th      Gillian Norval                            Mary McGill

27th      Mary Robertson                        Fiona Hamilton


December 2016

4        Janette Cameron                Lillias King

11      Pat Wishart                       Liz Robertson

18      Margaret Pitcairn                Hannah Fraser

25        No coffees


January 2017

1        No coffees

8        Jean Cumming                   Wendy Armstrong

15      Contemporary Service

22      Sandra Morton                   Jackie Stewart

29      Ann Robertson                   Sandra Weir


February 2017

5        Sheila McIntyre                 Marlies Maclean

12      Mary Robertson                 Fiona Hamilton

19      Contemporary Service

26      Brenda Bain                      Andrew McLintock


March 2017

5        Susan Napier                     Margaret Alexander

12      Gillian Norval                     David Thompson

19      Contemporary Service

26      Anne McKenzie                   Mary McGill



  1. First-named person to make necessary arrangements with second person.

  2. Arrive 45 minutes before service.Switch on water boiler and immerse (see instruction leaflet given with key)

  3. Bring own tea towel and milk.

  4. Extra tables and chairs needed on first Sunday of month (except July and August) when St Bridget’s members join us.

  5. Before leaving, switch off boiler and immerse.Switch off lights and ensure door is locked.

  6. Pass key and instruction leaflet to first-named person on next week’s team.

  7. If unable to attend, please try to arrange a swap and if possible change master copy list in kitchen.However, if any problem contact Sandra Morton or Mary Robertson


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