Sunday Coffee Rota

Coffee Duty Rota

April 2017    
2 Janette Cameron Liz Robertson
9 Pat Wishart Lilias King
16 Margaret Pitcairn Sandra Weir
23 Mary Robertson Marlies McLean
30 Jean Cumming Jackie Stewart
7 Sheila McIntyre Mary Robertson
14 Ann Robertson Wendy Armstrong
21 Contemporary Service  
28 Sandra Morton Richard Morton
4 Sandra Weir David Thomson
11 Hannah Fraser Fiona Hamilton
18 Contemporary Service  
25 Brenda Bain Mary McGill
2 Margaret Alexander Liz Robertson
9 Gillian Norval Lilias King
16 Anne McKenzie Janette Cameron
23 Susan Napier Pat Wishart
30 Marlies McLean Margaret Pitcairn




  1. There is a copy of the Rota in the Kitchen Cupboard. Please, if you change your duty, amend THAT copy of the Rota, to ensure correct transfer of keys.

  2. General instructions are in the pouch along with the keys.

  3. When leaving for Church, please shut, BUT DO NOT LOCK, the Carswell Centre.

  4. There are separate arrangements for the Contemporary Service. No Contemporary Service on Easter Sunday, nor in July.


Coffee Rota
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